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A good maintenance for your filling machines

A regular maintenance from your filling machines is important. For a regular maintenance of your machines, you can contact Imvertec not only for the purchase and the installation of your machine but also for a regular maintenance and control by our professional team. This way we ensure that your production continues to run smoothly. Our company is located in Antwerp. Imvertec sells, installs and maintains filling machines in Flanders as well as in the Netherlands.

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Have maintenance and repairs done by a qualified specialist

If you choose to buy your required filling machines from Imvertec, you don’t have only certainty about an excellent purchase but also about an excellent installation and a permanent maintenance afterwards.

So Imvertec offers a complete service including the maintenance of your purchased machine. That way we can guarantee the reparation of your machine if it is no longer working within the predetermined period.

In addition to filling machines , our company is also specialized in dosing machines and seal machines.

So you can contact us not only for filling oils and creams in a bottle or tube, but we will also be happy to help you if you are looking for a machine to package products.

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Imvertec offers a wide range of filling machines, capping machines and dosing machines. We sell all these machines, we install them and we check them for maintenance.This way you have an idea about who you can contact in case of having a problem with your machine. We are specialized in the distribution of seal machines in Flanders and in the Netherlands. Please don’t hesitate to contact us soon for further information. Call + 32 3 830 60 10 or send an e-mail to You can also request a quote by filling out the online contact form.