Our mission

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Everything has started with the products. In our product range you will always find quality products. So we don’t only pay attention to our products but we also care about the reliability of our suppliers. Thanks to our reliable product range we can invest in a long-term relationship with our clients.

However, it doesn’t simply end with the sale of a product. Imvertec supports the project from the beginning to the end. Finally, we differentiate ourselves by a profound product knowledge from our employees. For many years, we work with the same products and staff. We are happy to share our knowledge to be able to find the best solution with our customers. Who are our customers? Imvertec supplies products to small (starting) business owners as well as to large multinationals. Always in the business-to-business environment, always with the same dedication and care.


Imvertec is founded by Mr André Verlinden in 1980.The initials of Imvertec  stand for Import VERpakkings (packaging) TEChnologie. Together with his lifelong female companion, Mrs Yvonne de Commines, they started first from their house in Ekeren (near Antwerp) and later on from the dock Ijzerenpoortkaai in Antwerp. In the past, the activity consisted mostly of the sale of packaging machines and packaging materials (at the Port of Antwerp).

After the sudden death of Mr Verlinden, Freddy Loos joins the business. Soon after his arrival, Imvertec moves to Antwerp, to the Vlaamse Kaai (the Flemish dock where Imvertec has a larger storehouse to stock all the materials.

In 1987, Mrs Anny Bosmans is recruited as an employee in the back office and senior accountant. Here in Antwerp, shrink hoods are custom-made to length in-house and there is also a large stock of stretch foil and strap.

In 1989, Imvertec moves to the current property in Hoboken (near Antwerp). When Gerrit Loos, the current manager and the son of Freddy, joins the company, the main activity is concentrated more and more on machines and less on packaging materials.

By the end of 2009, Freddy Loos can enjoy his well-deserved retirement.
At the moment, Imvertec is managed by Anny Bosmans and Gerrit Loos.


Our commitment to the club life and associations:
Imvertec is the proud sponsor of korfball ‘Voorwaarts’ and from the indoor soccer team ‘Hoboken Ster’.