If you want to install capping machines, you can rely on us. Imvertec  is a family business (SME) from Antwerp selling packaging and filling machines. As well as selling and installing machines, we also maintain filling and capping machines in the Benelux.  We excel in fleximatisation of filling and capping applications. Our staff automates where it’s possible and ensures that our machines are flexibly deployable. We have a complete range  of customized filling and capping machines to install to satisfy any specific request. Packaging is a skill, packaging is our skill!

Packaging is a skill, packaging is our skill!

Installing filling and capping machines

Imvertec distributes filling and capping machines which can be installed onsite. The machines dispense liquid products in equal quantities, for small as well as for large series. The whole purchasing process is supervised by us, from the project to the installation and the maintenance afterwards.


The tri torque screw head with servo control gives always the right closing force to the capping machines distributed by our company. We provide table models , modular and fully automatic filling and capping systems for every budget. Our company guarantees reliability and operational safety.

Complete lines

We provide and install complete and flexible filling and capping machines. Machines with conveyor belts and supply systems are customized onsite. Despite the fact that the components are standard models, we distribute installations with a flexible and efficient approach.


Imvertec sells various packaging machines with foil. So there are machines for overwrapping or for cellophaning your products, with our without tear strip. Imvertec is also specialized in packaging machines to wrap powders or liquids, sticks, bags, four side seal and much more.

‘Finally a salesman who is technically skilled’

Marnix Verheeke

‘Fillflex is the best purchase ever made’

Patrick Macharis
Macoil Company

Filling hand sanitizers in-house?

Are you looking for a machine to fill hand sanitizers and other disinfectants? We have a wide range of solutions ranging from semi-automatic (ATEX certified) machines up to fully automatic monobloc machines to fill 20 ml up to 5 l or even more. A number of machines...

Fillflex with electric bottom fill

Fillflex has a new bottom fill available for his machines. The traditional compressed air controlled bottom fill unit persists, but the electric version has a lot more possibilities to match the filling process precisely to the product and the package. Please click on...

Let us take care of you, rely on 40 years of experience and our product knowledge

Through years of experience, Imvertec has built up a lot of product knowledge. Our employees will be happy to answer all your questions about our machines. We sell all types of filling and capping machines and we provide also the installation and the maintenance of all our machines. Don’t hesitate to inform about our possibilities.