Capping machines for industrial use

The intelligent capping machines from Capcoder are perfect for industrial use. These machines are placing a cap on a bottle or a tube and then they screw on the cap. All machines are equipped with the servo-controlled tri-torque pivoting head. You can contact Imvertec, situated in Antwerp for the purchase, the installation and the maintenance of these machines. Imvertec is active in Flanders as well as in the Netherlands.

Capping machines customized for industrial use

The capping machines for industrial use are offering always the appropriate clamping force and a high repeatability. You can configure and register meticulously the clamping force for the validation. A fast format change is possible. You change for example the grippers from the capping machines for industrial use. The machine doesn’t damage the caps because the screw head is firmly holding the cap. This prevents friction. Nonetheless if problems should occur, Imvertec will be happy to provide support for the maintenance of your machine.

Capcoder offers solutions for:

  • Tightening a screw
  • Pressing a cap
  • Inserting a plug (includes a brush, roll-on deodorant ball, spill-proof (spout) cap etc.)
  • Trigger sprays and pump sprays
  • The addition of an agitator ball
  • ATEX-zone 1 & 2 (explosive atmosphere)

Ask us about a specific machine

If you’re interested in our capping machines for industrial use, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course extensions of existing machines to your requirements are possible. So please ask about more information and call + 32 3 830 60 10  or send an e-mail to Our employees will be pleased to give you some customized advice. You can also contact us by filling out our contact form.  On our documentation page you can find more details about our machines.

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