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Filling machine for small bottles

A filling machine for small bottles will ensure that your liquids will be filled efficiently. Imvertec has over forty years of experience in the purchase of filling machines so Imvertec can certainly help you with your purchase. We guarantee a correct installation of filling machines for bottles on-site  and offer also an excellent after-sales service. Our company is located in Antwerp and helps companies in Flanders as well as in the Netherlands.

Monobloc eyedrops

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A filling machine for small bottles and various liquids

Do you want to buy an efficient filler to fill small bottles with your product? Imvertec ensures that your production runs smoothly. You can use our filling machines to fill your bottles with various liquids. We have machines for liquid substance as well as for semi-liquid substances. Furthermore it’s also possible to purchase a machine for creams. We work with high-quality suppliers such as Fillflex and Kolman. The filling machines for filling bottles are always flexible machines and can be installed according to your needs. We install our machines always on-site and we offer you also a permanent (after-sales) service after your purchase.

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If you’re interested in our filling machines fo fill bottles, please don’t wait to contact us. Our employees will be happy to help you with your purchase of a filling machine for small bottles. Please contact us by phone on the number +32 3 830 60 10 or by e-mail to or trough the online contact form if you want to have more information. You can always read more about us on our news page if you want to stay informed about the new projects executed by our company.