Transport packaging

Packaging materials

Imvertec distributes amongst other products the shrinkfast shrink pistols and has also a range of flat film and shrink hoods at your disposal. You can also contact Imvertec for the purchase of strap and accessories.

Shrinkfast shrink pistol

Shrink pistols are used for shrinking foil (or shrinking hoods) around all kinds of packages such as bricks, tiles, boats, caravans, pallets with cargo, etc.

Optimal protection
Strong packaging, doesn’t need another packaging
The foil doesn’t ‘stick’ to other pallets

The Shrinkfast 998 is the top of the bill.

Weighs less than 1 kg!
Ergonomic construction for long-term and frequent use
Adjustable gas pressure, both indoors and outdoors
Adjustable head, extension pieces are available
Perfect balance for a perfect ease of use
Wide flame holder: shrinking of 45 cm in a single pass
Twist link (rotation) avoids torsion in the hose
All parts and pistols are always in stock
Repairs in-house by Imvertec