Sollas packaging machines

overwrapping packaging machines: Sollas

Sollas is a Dutch manufacturer from overwrapping packaging machines and banding machines.

These machines are characterized by

A high flexibility: an easy product change(over) thanks to a quick adjustment with numerical designation
A quality packaging: thanks to the trailing edge seal system: the foil as a curtain for packaging
A short changeover time: (only) a few exchange parts and accessible through the tabletop
A high reliability: an easy assembly method, construction entirely in-house
An easy maintenance: an easy assembly method, components in stock in the Netherlands

Sollas packaging machines are distributed worldwide in the following industries : cosmetology, chocolates, sweets and  confectionery, tobacco, paperware, pharmaceutics, digital media, coffee/tea.

For more than thirty years, Imvertec is an agent of the packaging machines of Sollas in Belgium.

More information on the website of Sollas: