Kolman packaging machines

Automatic packaging machines from KOLPAK are packed in granulates, powders, general cargo and liquids.

The products are packed in heat sealable foils, taking into account the customer’s requirements and wishes and the products.

As the standard version, the machines can pack in one lane or in multiple lanes, so that the capacity will grow obviously.

The vertical machines of Kolman can be divided in two groups:

Single/singular – to pack one product
Multiple – universal machines (only the dosing unit is adjusted, the machine remains and is maintained)

Various dosing systems will be placed/set on machines which are further specified as:

* dosing volume
* type and shape of the products to pack:

For granulates (sugar, spices, pepper, etc.)
For powders (baking powder, chocolate (cocoa) powder, pudding powder, cappuccino, milk powder etc.)
For liquids (shampoo, ketchup, honey, creams, etc.)
For general cargo (sweets, bags, etc.)

Standard machines wrapping in various packages based on shape and foil

Four-side seal
Three-side seal

Shapes can be adapted according the specifications of the client.

All parts of the machine in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

Kolman packaging machines are produced in-house to satisfy your wishes